Loving Life Advice #4

Sometimes You Have to Just Sit

Sometimes we come to the end of all our endeavoring..our all… and we have gone as far as we can go, we need to just “sit” and quietly wait for the next beginning…sometimes for an evening..sometimes for a weekend..and sometimes for a year or two…

I have been in one of those “holding patterns” for several years now and it is not always easy for me to sit and wait..I am definitely not  the most patient person that you will find..for I often feel that I am going to miss out on something..or I am not “doing” enough…

Sometimes in our life..just sitting still and just “breathing”…inhaling..exhaling.. it can be the most productive thing you can do..

Several years ago, life brought a person to me that was lost and needed a lot of “loving” energy to nurture their soul…as an empath..I felt their pain and need and I gave more than I had..I did what I felt I should do..but came away diagnosed with PTSD..

It took about several years before I was able to come off antidepressants..but evidently, I was still not ready to forge ahead into battle yet..for I had another year of painful physical manifestions..(The physical symptoms that manifest themselves are manifestations of a more deeper spiritual trauma)..

An eye infection that the doctor was unable to diagnosis or treat for almost 6 months and once that was under control..my hip gave out..and I couldn’t move for almost 6 months waiting for a left hip replacement..(which I attribute to the years of Latin Rhythm movements or Cha-cha-ing during my years of Ballroom Dancing)…

I feel the path starting to be illuminated again.. my new beginning is starting… I am moving again..slowly…but the momentum is building..I am appreciative of this time of stillness in my life..

I know that even though I have been still..that God has still been at work..preparing my next adventure..I have seen it happen over and over again in my life..there is an excitement..an anticipation as to what is to come.

If you come to a place where life has you “waiting”..patiently or impatiently… there are some things you can do that will ease the pain..for it can be tedious and sometimes even excruciating…

Gratitude..for me..the magical wand..there comes a calmness and peace..maybe because the angels  come and sit with the music of heart in gratitude..

Image result for gratitude during difficult times quotes

Remember that everything can..and will change…most definitely not in our timing..but it will…there is a season for “everything under the sun”..

This isn’t the first challenge that you have overcome…remember the times of prevailing other challenges that you have had…

Is it a learning experience..and that is growth..and yes..sometimes..I have wished that there was a recess in this school called life

Have fun..there have been times I just read jokes..watch hilarious movies..there are physical healing chemicals that are produced when being happy…

Be kind to yourself…the best medicine..

And always remember that there will always be something you can be grateful for…

Last, but not least..You are loved…forever and always


Author: Renée E.

Storytelling Photographer and Fine Art Conceptional Artist...Creating magic from the ordinary

One thought on “Loving Life Advice #4”

  1. Waiting is an agenda that offers a plan of its own…I think God leads us there for His own purposes. Most of us would not choose the waiting agenda. As you, and I too, have discovered the rich threads of color discovered in that holding space…a heavenly experience found only in waiting. We find friends there and those who have left a beautiful reminder that our purpose in waiting could only be found in this special place. We too leave a beautiful reminder of a strength outside our own lives that gives us the courage to move on lending a helping hand.


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