Overwork & Self Care

Self Care..the simplest definition that I found was “Attitudes and actions that contribute to happiness, balance and well being.  Although, normally it is women that have an issue with putting the needs of others to the point of burnout, it is not a gender specific problem…for I have seen many men that experience burnout…

We all have a tank(s) of energy..a physical, emotional, and mental tanks that we use on a daily basis…optimally, we refill out tanks daily by nourishing our body with premium fuel, exercising and being in nature…such things as journaling, meditating, reading talking to friends for renewed mental energy..emotionally we are renewed with giving and receiving love, being grateful, finding a spiritual connection…there are many ways to replenish one;s energy and each will be unique to you..


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This week was a 60+ workweek..not fun and definitely exhausting in both body, mind and soul. When I was physically exhausted, I used my mental energy to push past the physical exhaustion, and then kept on going…till I had nothing left..

I was told by someone that I expected too much of myself…probably true.  I had both of my compadres out on vacation, and I was the only one left to man the boat..and there was no way that I was going to allow it to sink on my watch..being the perfectionistic  person that I am…I couldn’t stand to leave, without at least being at a manageable place to start the next morning..and I thought that upper management might appreciate the work that I was doing to help the company…

My lessons from this week and the last couple of months have been interesting…and I could probably write several blogs just on my own personal lessons, but the one that I re-learned..yes, unfortunately, I often have to learn the lesson and take the test several times before I take the lesson to heart…

I grew up being taught that..Hard work, buckling down, and shouldering through were strong expectations and values…and were typically rewarded in some way…more often it lends itself to chronic physical ailments and mental and emotional breakdowns…

Self Care is not a luxury…it is extremely necessary… we can sometimes feel very selfish in saying “no” and taking care of ourselves..we feel that we may become narcissistic …but the very opposite is true…

Self care is more than just a selfish act..for self care is a cycle where everyone in your circle and beyond benefits..when you take care of yourself, you empower and teach others to take care of themselves…you are able to fill your heart with love, joy and gratitude..which can flow into the lives of others that we come into contact with..and how much the world needs that beautiful and loving energy

Be loving to yourself this week..for you are beautifully loved…always and forever


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