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..Did you know that champagne was an accidental discovery around approximately 1700 AD by Dom Perignon..a monk who was making wine for his brothers in the monastery…he forgot to complete the fermentation process before he bottling and corking the wine..

During the cold winter months..the fermentation process was dormant..when spring arrived and the temperatures rose..the wine started fermenting again..the carbon dioxide was trapped in the bottles and started exploding…he opened a bottle still intact to taste it..and supposedly exclaimed..“Come quickly! I’m drinking stars!”..

I want to drink the stars….How often do we settle for drinking a somewhat “decent” wine instead of going through the arduous task of waiting to become the “champagne” of life..we don’t like to wait..we are such an impatient breed..we don’t want to experience the difficult and painful places..and often settle for becoming and experiencing the commonplace…most often missing out on the most magnificent and extraordinary of times..if we had only waited…

As the fermentation proceeds, yeast cells die and after several many times have I felt that I was dying..the fermentation is complete..and just when I thought that I would rise…I was back in the dark again..However, the Champagne continues to age in the cool cellar for several more years resulting in a toasty, yeasty characteristic. During this aging period, the yeast cells split open and literally spill their guts into the solution imparting complex, yeasty flavors to the Champagne…how many times have you felt your guts being spilled in grief and pain..feeling like the pain would never end… The best and most expensive Champagne is aged for five or more years…but I have just becoming the best that I can be..and you are too..

The Champagne bottle is kept upside down while the neck is frozen in an ice-salt bath. This procedure results in the formation of a plug of frozen wine containing the dead yeast cells…our refinement is still not finished..the dross of our life is removed…the impurities.. The bottle cap is then removed and the pressure of the carbon dioxide gas in the bottle forces the plug of frozen wine out leaving behind clear Champagne. 

Our hearts become purified…we can taste the stars..and become the stars for the world to taste and see…we become magical…we are the magic…

..So just remember..when you are in the darkest of cellars in your life…you are just becoming refined…when you feel upside down in a ice-salt are becoming an exquisite, miraculous,  one-of-a-kind  bubbly star in our universe…

Be patient with the process…

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Author: Renée E.

Storytelling Photographer and Fine Art Conceptional Artist...Creating magic from the ordinary

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