92 Days…and Counting Still

It’s Saturday…and I was still in my warm cozy place under the blankets…hearing the melodious music of the morning songs of the winged creatures outside of my window…reviewing the week that has been and gone…

Morning Song

It felt very frantic…with working a intensely time constrictive job and making appointments…waiting…I always seemed like I was waiting somewhere for someone…a test in patience…sometimes failing and sometimes passing…LOL…I do wish life would let me know when a test was coming…I might pass a few more times and not have to take so many over…:-)

But when your morning starts like this…P:“Good morning my sweetheart, have a wonderful day off Saturday, hopefully you are still warm in bed thinking of me 🐼” R: Yes, I am..and wanting and needing sooo much more…💋 P:”I know my darling and I am too, not long to go, it’s a perfect autumn day here, crazy that you are not here” …it is messages such as this that erase all of the stress of the week…and make it all worthwhile…

There were many accomplishments…the doctor’s and radiologist’s were completed and signed…I did received my second notice that my fingerprints were not readable…but a friend told me about an electronic service available…so that should fix that…I have an appointment for Tuesday of next week…just a few more tasks…visa photos and a notarized copy of the first two pages of my passport…

And then off to Chicago…our goal is no later than the second week in April…that will give the Consulate approximately 10 weeks to respond to our request…the Consulate will send the paperwork to the Home Office in South Africa…which according to the website should take 4 to 6 weeks…

In all midst of the exquisite joy and happiness…there is a grief of leaving my life here…with my friends and family…the every day life that we take for granted so very often…and to be honest…and we often complain about…

From experience, I know that we promise to keep in touch with friends and those we love…in reality…that doesn’t usually occur…people move on and are busy in their own day-to-day lives…it is just the reality of life…

P: My sweetheart beautiful wonderful Renee’ you will have all that and more. I know what is here for you and it will be what you want and more, I promise
R: I know…I feel it🦋 as I release what was and is… And reach out for an amazing future with you and our God
P It’s all there for us, and what a wonderful crazy adventure it is

I currently in this in-between space…living here with my family and friends…yet, there is the bittersweet knowledge that my time here is ending..yet the future beckons with glittering promise of adventures and love that I have yet to experience…it is but a page in this story…and yet there are many characters who will be woven into the pages of this story many more times…and some whose threads will not be interwoven in my life tapestry again…colorful, sparkly memories…

Author: Renée E.

Storytelling Photographer and Fine Art Conceptional Artist...Creating magic from the ordinary

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