Day 40 – Lighthouse

Seal Point Lighthouse
Cape St. Francis
LAT. 34 12′ 45″ S. LONG. 24 50′ 12″ E

The tallest masonry tower on the South African Coast…27.75m…or for us metrically challenged…91′ tall…

Original Cape. St. Francis Lighthouse
Photograph courtesy Canadian Coast Guard

This stretch of the Eastern Coast was very notorius for the number of shipwrecks which occured here…the earliest recorded was in January 16, 1690…in 1871 a commission was formed to figure out the best means of lighting the eastern coast.. the light was lit for the first time on 4 July 1878…at a cost of R 23 688…approximately $1, 560.00…

Mr. P’s father was an exceptional man…who bought old letters from Christie’s Action house…translated…researched…and brought to life…what had been lost…the contributions that normal…average…people made to the world…and were lost…yet their lives left a legacy…

Report from Captain Francis Skead to the Coast Lighthouse Commission

…I wonder what contributions that I will leave for the future generations to be able to see the way on their journey…I know that not all contributions are of a physical nature…not all are defined by size or greatness…

May the scars/dark threads that I share become a lighthouse for others that travel the same rough seas..feeling lost in the storms of life…may my life lived with love…be a pillar…a beacon to all that I come into contact with…

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Author: Renée E.

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