Day 196…OMG It’s Hot

and I think I’m melting…no I know I am am…

I was warned that it would be hot in January…that it was the hottest month of the year…but they didn’t tell me that it was going to be HOT as I had no idea of what “hot” meant…at the moment…most of the country is in danger of fires……so totally understand…I felt like I am going to instantaneously combust at any moment…

…and not an air conditioner in sight

In the U.S. any hot day might be miserable with that wet wool blanket feeling…but it usually lasted only from the car to the house…we might sit, eat and sleep in one room in the house for the whole 3 months of summer…but we could breath without flames coming out of our mouths…

Now I understand why all the cars are white…well at least most of them…dresses are more the norm…and there are a lot of swimming pools…and more excursions to the beach…

And the poor tomatoes..

The experience was a great learning experience…I learned you can never take too many showers…I was never cleaner…I had to take a shower after my shower…I would start sweating when I was drying became such a vicious cycle…I learned that I better get my act together because I am definitely not cut out for hell…putting on makeup was an exercise in futility…and that there is no deodorant made specifically for boob sweat…

And then the Rain…the cooling rain bucketing down

…it almost did me in…yet still I fall more in love with South Africa…

Ps…Mr. P. wanted me to add that the reason there are not a lot of air conditioners here was because it only gets to boiling a few days out the year🥵

Author: Renée E.

Storytelling Photographer and Fine Art Conceptional Artist...Creating magic from the ordinary

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