144 Days…Gym Day

Gym Rule #1: If you want to know the correct way to perform an exercise, the answer is: Whatever hurts most.” – Jason Love

That is how I felt yesterday. It had been awhile since I had hit the gym …yesterday the gym hit me right back for being absent😂

I have been out of commission with a grumpy lower back…an hour of weight machines was probably a little much…came back home and had to go and comfort my grumbling back.by laying down…I had planned to go for a walk to at least get 5,000 steps on a gym day…but as you see that didn’t happen…something to keep working on…

“The most annoying are those people in exceptionally good shape at the gym. I’m like ‘What are you doing here? You’re done.'” – Jim Gaffigan

Way to many carbs…my resting heartrate always increases with extra carbs…today it went increased a beat…back up to 68…not stressing…just monitoring…the goal was accomplished of eating less than I used…I’ll just keep fine tuning…

The nutritionist told me that stress is harmful to weight loss… “When you’re under stress, your body boosts production of the hormone cortisol. Chronic stress and persistently high cortisol levels may be associated with increased appetite and weight gain.“…another reason that EFT is helpful for me…

Steps for the Day

Keep Turtling…

Author: Renée E.

Storytelling Photographer and Fine Art Conceptional Artist...Creating magic from the ordinary

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