Giddy Up…

WILLPOWER doesn’t keep a rider on the horse…at least not on this horse I’m currently riding..

Willpower does NOT work…A controversial statement for some people…yet an interesting concept…

As determined and stubborn as I am… there is a reason that I keep tripping up…yes, I didn’t achieve my goal of staying on track with my program…using that mulish streak I have kept searching for the key…

Praying…reading…praying…searching…digging…I have always felt that there is an answer to our questions if we are persistent in our seeking…”Seek and ye shall find”…showing life that we are not being swayed…

 “When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.” – Confucius

Shedding a Little Light

The last two weeks have revealed two sources that “spoke” to me…one was in an audiobook and the other in an Instagram account…

Finding out that willpower is a finite resource that becomes exhausted with use explains the reason most of us don’t make it past the second week of resolve to eradicate any addiction that all human creatures struggle with…whether it be  being addicted to social media, current belief systems, personal comfort zones, and our excuses…behaviors that may contradict our goals.

So why would we even need “willpower” if our goals were… mountain top… flag planting …and life changing

In reading Alan Carr’s book Lose Weight Now…it echoed the statement that losing weight and keeping it off is not about “willpower”…it is more about changing the mentality (belief systems) …he says that it is 99% the mental beliefs that we hold…this from a man who chain smoker for 30+ years…smoking over a 100 cigarettes a day to 0 without any side effects

The nugget of wisdom that hit me in the middle of my forehead (after reading two of his books) was that we have a belief system that I hold tightly too…that I get some benefit from the very thing that is destroying my life…quite literally…statistically taking 3 years of precious life…and increasing life debilitating diseases such as diabetes, cancer, etc….

So why is that knowledge not impetus enough…so why cannot I not resist that one chip or candy that becomes a whole bag…why do I feel that I can’t “give up” the immediate short lived insulin rush of pleasure…

“You want to lose weight because it’s making you miserable, but you’re afraid that life will be miserable if you do.”

Alan Carr’s Easy Way for Women to Lose Weight

hmmmm…the thought of not having another chip or piece of chocolate does feel like the ultimate sacrifice…giving up my friend, comforter, therapist and everyone and everything in between…

“Why is the human species the only species on the planet that suffers with weight problems…”

The one particular “ah ha” moment was when I was listening to the book and he speaks about how we think beef is an optimum protein source and yet in a different country…a cow is considered sacred and dog is the protein of choice…does make one lose their appetite…and notice how it’s (impersonal) beef ..not the (personal) cow…but any how…

It’s changing my mindset that I’m not giving up anything…but feeling bad about myself…tired…unhealthy…does this mean that all is going to be perfect smooth sailing from here…probably not…the “human” factor is still there…but I feel so much freer…a door has opened and there is light sneaking through the cracks …a new surge of ability to conquer…to change

I still have to do the work toward my goal of feeling and being healthy…can’t give a definite number…I don’t want to kneel again to shrine of American beauty numbers…(130 pounds is where I was at 20)…a healthy weight…but at 66 it is now about being my healthiest…

My Precious Baby Girl💞

Second lesson relearned…going back to what did work for me. When I first arrived in my Shangri La here in South Africa…I was 50 pounds more blessed than I am today…

Losing 50 pounds…well…at least halfway there…I get so absolutely discouraged about the journey…when I think about it, I cry…it is such an emotional issue and I try not to let it affect my joy and happiness…but that’s not the truth…every day it feels like a failure…ok…pity party over…so much gratefulness for a healthy body…even if it is fluffier than I want (for the moment)..

I lost fifty pounds by tracking…eating low carb (none of the “white stuff”…and walking as close to 10,000 steps per day…which brings me to my second boost of encouragement this week…an Instagram account of a woman who lost almost 200 pounds by doing simple changes consistently… three things…Being calorie deficient every day…tracking food intake…and walking an hour every day…

I can do that!!!!…worked for me the first 50… July 17, 2021 I was at 199.5 (OMG…Onederland)…so why did I stop the program?

Good question to ask myself…I was tired…scary Covid was in full swing…and in September, my love was diagnosed with colon cancer…handling it alone in a foreign country (looking back on it…I did awesome by not gaining it all back) …

And the mental shift of not thinking that sugar and refined carbs were my cozy friends had not happened yet…

It’s been one hell of a ride the last year…fallen off quite a few times…but the road is hopefully a little smoother for a time and I can stay in the saddle and giddy up!!!

Much laughter, happiness and magic in your day❣ Lots of love❣

Thanks always for your letting me share….catch up later….Y’all come back now, hear?

Creating the Future…

“You can lament over what could have been, or you can do something bold; use that energy to create an enviable future. It is up to you.”

Richelle E. Goodrich

Being the Aquarian non-conformist that I am… and not good at sticking to New Year Resolutions…I never start my year on January first…instead, choosing to use the month to “PYR” …past year review… my own personal annual performance review…what worked and what didn’t in moving me forward toward accomplishing life goals…deleting or adding, as needed…regaining focus

  • What were my biggest wins of the past year? What am I proud of accomplishing last year? What memorable experiences did I have last year?
    • The highpoint of the year was November 28th…the day that I married the love of my life…what could be better than that!
    • Our New Kitchen…just what I wanted…
    • My son surprised me and flew in to be at the wedding
    • My biggest win for me was when I finally started entering the photographic competitions
    • Many photographic experiences and new & returning adventures …Rooi-Els, Cape Town Trips, Cape St. Francis beach trips, Amakhala Safari Lodge- Amakhala Game Reserve, Outings with the Camera Club to Van Stadens Flower Reserve…the Whale, Dolphin and Penguin Island Cruise

  • What was the biggest lesson that I learned?
    • My dreams can come true no matter what my age and no matter how long I have waited…Never give up…Hope always
  • What one personal quality did you most develop?
    • Following my dreams
    • Trusting that I am loved and accepted for who I am… even with all my quirks and folliables
“Three things in life – your health, your mission, and the people you love. That’s it.” ― Naval Ravikant
  • What is my biggest priority in 2022? What are my aspirations for this year?
    • Becoming Healthy...
  • What will support me in achieving this priority?
    • Routines…consistent healthy habits
“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” ― Mahatma Gandhi
  • If everything were already the way I want them to be in the following areas…what would the results be…in specific and measurable terms (as if they had already happened…

  • Health & Wellness
      • I weigh xxx. I listen to my body’s needs.  My positive thoughts and actions renew my mind and body. I am lean, fit, tight, and light…and fabulous! I fuel my body and have amazing results from my workouts. I drink water throughout the day. Every day my body becomes stronger and fitter…every cell in my body

  • Relationships
    • Mr. P and I have a long-lasting, happy, satisfying relationship. Our love grows stronger every day.  We are in loving, committed, strong relationship❣

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
– Lao Tzu

  • Spiritual/Mental Growth
    • I am cherished, treasured, and loved by God. I am a perfect open channel for divine love and peace. I am connected to the wisdom of the universe. I have a deep sense of inner peace that is always within me, no matter what happens. I am love. I am purpose. I was made with divine intention.

  • Personal Growth
    • I’m not stopping until I’m the best I can be. I want to inspire those around me with my growth. I won’t be trapped in the past. It’s time to work towards the future. I choose to live a rich and full life. I feed my spirit. I train my body. I focus my mind. It’s my time.

  • What will it cost me to not achieve these expectations?
    • I get upset and demotivated. I lose faith in myself. I feel that I am a failure.
    • Become demotivated
    • I waste the precious life that I am entrusted with
18 Quotes About Successful Goal Setting
  • What can I consistently do (habits) to achieve my goals in these areas?

  • Health & Wellness
    • I get 10,000 steps per day
    • I have a calorie deficit every day…Tracking Weight & Food Intake
    • I incorporate Weekly Strength Training, Cardio, and Yoga
    • Eat Low Carb…Eliminating the White (White Flour, White Sugar) and the Processed

  • Relationships
    • Date Night w Mr. P
    • Practice Love above all
    • Contact Close friends and Family consistently…weekly calls
    • Be two, not One – making my marriage a priority
    • Communicate-making sure I understand what was said

  • Spiritual/Mental Growth
    • Practice Love/Kindness Daily
    • Practice Gratitude
    • Meditate Daily…Practice Mindfulness
    • Show Empathy
    • Journal Daily
    • I live a happier life in the future than I was living in that moment
    • Study consciousness, religion, or philosophy
    • Learn to work with energy
    • Becoming More Intuitive
    • Becoming more Peaceful

  • Personal Growth
    • Study Daily (5X a week) …study to enhance my skills in Adobe
    • Make my health a Priority this Year…
    • Join the National Photographic Society and Enter Competitions
    • Keep Adventuring
    • Commit to Life-Long Learning
    • Have Faith in Myself
    • Live Authentically
    • Form Consistent Good Habits – Replacing Bad Habits
    • Grow beyond my Comfort Zone
    • Take Life Less Seriously – Enjoy the Present
Quotes About Optimal Health: top 11 Optimal Health quotes from famous  authors

There are long term goals broken down into short term goals…losing 5 pounds per month and focusing on that instead of freaking out about the impossible long-term goal that I have set (you know that setting the flag on the top of Mt. Everest) …

In writing what I want to accomplish this year…looks overwhelming…the most important thing I learned from last year is that we CAN have it all…but just not all at the same time…this year I dropped working on writing my novel and put on the shelf for this year…in reading about South Africa…the research does continue…

Ger Healthy and Continue to Grow in my Photographic Skills are the only two Personal Goals that I will laser focus on…the rest are continuations of the habits and routines that are consistent already…

10 Quotes That Will Inspire You to Do What You Love | The Muse

What would you like to accomplish this year, so you can look back and be happy with the stewardship of your life’s energy?

Love, laughter, and magic for your day🦋

Hiding Among the Tall Grass…

“That’s your solution? Have a cookie?’ Astrid asked. ‘No, my solution is to run down to the beach and hide out until this is all over,’ Sam said. ‘But a cookie never hurts.”

― Michael Grant, Gone

I was going to write about the incredible adventure at Amakhala Game Reserve…7500 ha, Big 5 and an accredited luxury four star Safari Lodge is nestled in a valley of indigenous bush…that Mr. P and I had a couple of weeks ago…with Covid came the loss of revenue and bookings at all the game Reserves and Parks…most are offering incredible discounts to native South Africans…A first for me

I will write and display the pictures of this magnificent…breathtaking…phenomenal…adventure…soon, I promise…I digress…

From the quote, I am sure that you could discern that I am deluged with things that need to be accomplished and not quite sure how to get it all done in a manner that doesn’t just cause me to have to take an emotional and physical timeout (I have been there more times that I want to remember)…being an HSP or extremely sensitive person defiantly adds to the need to proceed deliberately and calmly forward and not to the nearest exit…

Practicing what I preach…Breathing…Breathing…Deep…long and intentional breathes…practicing mindfulness…

Having finally found my path in retirement…now I experience that “in-your-face awareness” that time is shorter…more fragile…I am just now catching up with the world…knowing that I don’t have all the experiences and life information that most people do…

My childhood consisted solely of being raised in an unusual religious organization with it’s novel ideas of how we should live to be worthy of a beautiful afterlife…I was not allowed to listen to music (other than was of the Christian genre)…no television…no reading of anything other than the bible or books that were written by the leader…no school activities…nothing that would “infect” my mind…curtained from reality…

I am about 30 years behind in everything…which is not all bad…everything is a exciting new adventure…which I absolutely am in love with…

The focus is my supposedly retirement is finally on my creative endeavors…with the “magic number of greatness” supposedly 10 years or 10,000 hours  to become a “master”…I freak out about not doing all I want to do and become…although now there are alternative thoughts…such as this by…

Matt Trajkovski
…Founding father, EScooterNerds, LearnDigitalMarketingApp

“I like to couple it with another rule that everybody knows – the 80/20 rule. Together the equation becomes like this: You can become 80% as good as a master with only 20% of the 10,000 hours. That’s an expert for 2,000 hours. Keeping mind, if you’re 80% of a master of something, you’re probably already in the top 5% in the world for that field. And 10,000 hours, you’re great in 5 fields. You’re probably Elon Musk by that time.”

I can still become really good what my dreams…80% is acceptable…although the perfectionist is screaming in the background that it is not🤣…I’m ignoring her and going with the child that colors outside the lines with great joy…

Just to share with where I’m at and what I’m struggling with at the moment…where I want to be in the future…

I have always loved photography and do have hours of experience…though more on the other end as a photographic artist…retouching negatives…restoring old photographs…but before all the “modern” equipment such as digital camera’s…postprocessing with Adobe…ewww that is “old”…

*Goal – to be a Master Fine Art Photographer and sell prints…

Writing is a relatively new endeavor…starting about 4/5 years ago when a novel starting growing within me…and it hasn’t left…but I have so much to learn to write well…and reading to catch up on…

*Goal – to write a fantasy trilogy (Skye Phoenix)

Those are my two strongest and important goals…(Outside of my first priority, my relationship with Mr. P) but by no means the only ones…becoming Bilingual, healthier, more spiritual…traveling…strengthening relationships with family and friends…

I know that it is said that you need to focus on one at a time…but every time I focus on either the photography or the writing…the other sticks it’s head up…seeking attention with an entry for a competition in photography or a request to complete a writing challenge of 1,000 words a day…

Then there are the everyday projects that need to be completed…the completing of restoring the house…painting…plastering…I also try and keep up with the accounting for Mr. P’s company (personal secretary…which has it’s benefits)…walking the dog (which is a duel purpose activity)…cooking meals…and I could go on…

Would I trade any of it…No!!!!!!! I do enjoy it all…yet I am still teeter tottering and trying to find the balance..

Finding Balance

“Somehow, we’ll find it. The balance between whom we wish to be and whom we need to be. But for now, we simply have to be satisfied with who we are.”

― Brandon Sanderson, The Hero of Ages

Any comments as to how you find balance in your life while pursuing your goals in life would be most welcomed…

Sending Light, love and magic for your day…I think I’ll go find some pink marshmallows…

Couldn’t find the pink marshmallows…but my pink elephant appeared…this is “Norman” from Amakhala (although he’s not normally pink…after a hot chocolate with a big dose of Kahlúa…he’s my pink elephant in the room…